• Ladies Love Moka: AERO Space Cypher

    Ladies Love Moka: AERO Space Cypher

    So who’s got the props? The Fly Guy Committee media Group obviously! With Moka Blast, Shuaib Tru, Hippie, Chuk Burnz, and Moka Blast taking over the airwaves soon, we want you to subscribe to the Moka Blast channel and join in the fun because Moka is all for the fans!   So just who is the Fly Guy Committee? We also got Jack Williams on the line so get ready! According to the About us:   Fly Guy Committee Media […]

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  • Blastofff focus: Fashion designer Stevie Boi

    Blastofff focus: Fashion designer Stevie Boi

    We at Blastofff have been keeping one treasure up our sleeve until all the details have been released, but now we got that exclusive news that Stevie Boi has allowed to come up for air. So just who is this mastermind? Let’s just say he knows lots of celebs in Hollywood: Major thank’s to all the 300+ Models that submitted to Our Casting Call for my ‪#‎NYFW‬ Show! My team will be in contact with everyone next week. -Stevie Boi […]

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  • New Blastofff.tv heat: Fly Guy Committee Cypher

    New Blastofff.tv heat: Fly Guy Committee Cypher

    We know you guys have been waiting on what the fly guy committee (Moka Blast, Shuaib Tru, and Chuk Burnz) have been cooking up. Just know it’s ready and out on itunes right now! get it at the link here and enjoy as we take you back into what these epic individuals have been doing to dominate independent hip hop music. It is what it is, you got to understand that for sure. Now that we know for sure in 5 […]

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  • Blastofff.tv swag sauce: Gucci Mane Mouth full of golds

    Blastofff.tv swag sauce: Gucci Mane Mouth full of golds

    It;s on sometimes when you are in the spot rocking new swag and people wanna test the patience of a patient hustler from Palo Alto. I think our hero Moka Blast would agree some things are not worth getting all tied up about though. We at blastofff.tv had a question: do you sport a grill like Gucci Mane or nah? Not only do we got that Gucci Mane/Jack Williams heat, but we got that ‘chow’ for you! CHOW THE PEN […]

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  • Hip Hop corner: Hyphalini

    Hip Hop corner: Hyphalini

    We always knew that ape city had some great hip hop music (along with a show this month with Krayzie Bone) but let’s focus on anotehr great emcee right down the roadon today’s blastofff.tv post. I had the chance to hang with Hyphalini a couple of times, and i can say he’s got some trap music that will remind you of Keak da Sneek and trap rap like that. He has a lot of gems you can peep below: Hyphalini […]

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  • Hip Hop corner: Brother Ali

    Hip Hop corner: Brother Ali

    First off, Moka Blast is easily my favorite emcee, but I remember attending one hip hop show with my high school buddy Sam and seeing Brother Ali perform with MF Doom. That was the show to change my life. So much intensity from that show left me with one goal when I got to college- pursue music. I guess i was able to do that very well thanks to Dysmanic and our latest EP, the “internet lottery”. But, it’s a […]

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  • New Blastofff heat: Emaximus: “OT”

    New Blastofff heat: Emaximus: “OT”

    I remember the first time meeting Emaximus: it was a craigslist ad asking for help with a music video. We had the BBQ and the car club out in full effect, and I ended up meeting a focused, determined friend who shared the ambition to get this money in music like no other. Now with Erik “Emaximus” Johnson putting his new single out, we know who the next “power loop sensei” will evenutally be! We hope you enjoyed the song. And […]

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  • Go Fetti stays putting power-loop.com into potency.

    Go Fetti and Dysmanic Present: Paul Walker

    In case you guys are living at home and not knowing what to do about all the meaningless drama in hip hop, we got the right solution for you. With Crowd loopers, you have a chance to make money from home just like anyone else out there in Hollywood or beyond. The real issue with jobs today is that you have to wake up hella early just to get a piece of the pie. With Go Fetti’s song Paul Walker, […]

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  • Phone Tap with @Moka Blast

    Moka Blast, originally born in Trinidad but bred in Queens, New York, is an emcee often compared to LL Cool J and 50 Cent due to his handsome hustler mentality. Always favorable with the ladies, Moka Blast is a versatile artist who not only writes for women but also drops gritty street bangers for even the most gangster Hip Hop head. Moka’s career was forever changed after earning the respect and trust of legendary party rocker CL Smooth. Smooth took […]

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  • Montana Millz ft Gunplay (Let It Go) Official Video


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  • Vito – Ice Cream (Freestyle)

    Vito presents a freestyle video for “Ice Cream” directed by Kwaz “Scriptz” Fraser. Download “The Yellow Tape” @ Theyellowtape.net

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  • Moka Blast – I Don’t Need Em I Delete Em(Explicit)

    One thing I can say for certain; Moka Blast could very well be the essence of what the term “Work Ethic” looks like in its purest form. Keep in mind that I don’t say this lightly; it shows with each passing day. Epitomizing and redefining everything you thought you knew music, in ways that make each feat prior look nigh effortless. Where some would glorify rappers; Moka Blast – emerges from the rest to take center stage, not as a […]

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Recent Videos

  • Blastofff.tv focus: Batman Vs. Superman

    Blastofff.tv focus: Batman Vs. Superman

    We got the streets on our back, and with this determination we try to hustle even at night when things are hard and cruel. We also want to give a shout out to Pastor Pesa Tupa, who wants better less offensive content on my site here. We want to give an official shout out to Stevie Boi for his role in the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman movie Well my brothas all ride with me from McDonalds church so we gotta […]

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  • Kindness corner: East Palo Alto Pastor Pesa Tupa

    Kindness corner: East Palo Alto Pastor Pesa Tupa

    This is the kind of stuff you are supposed to do when you see someone in trouble. Pastor Pesa Tupa recently shared with his facebook family what he went through as a man was left hopeless in a desolate town soon to be repaired. Here’s the story: I met Soni at the shopping center around 12 midnight, it was Wednesday the 3rd, 2016 . I stopped by to say hello and asked him “who are you waiting for?” And Soni […]

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  • Blastofff.tv talks Hip Hop With Freddy Flowpez

    Blastofff.tv talks Hip Hop With Freddy Flowpez

    Blastofff is always looking for hot rhymes, and it seems dysmanic has caught the holy ghost of hip hop with these rhymes hes leaving in go fetti’s phone. We thought we would share some of the gold with you: Sunday night oldies; Jack, what you know about the new school? Leaders of the charter school, nonprofit, run the schools// Mister run em jewels pears one mommy but you can’t keep true, so im gon have to beat you, im so […]

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  • More blastofff humor with Joesph Thompson

    More blastofff humor with Joesph Thompson

    We know you have been laughing along with us while enjoying this past super bowl at everything that our hero Joseph Thompson has been talking about in regards to the super bowl and racism in America: A lot of underlying racism about the superbowl. Hey black people, cam lost and there are black people on the other team. Hey white people, Peyton sucked and the black people on his team (Miller, ware) won the game. Everyone good now? It’s just […]

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  • Super Bowl Hot show: T.I at 1015 folsom

    Super Bowl Hot show: T.I at 1015 folsom

    We all love the King and when he gets to talkin’, you got some real shit coming your way. Prison ain’t changed a real one like Mr. Harris, so check out a bad chica like Tinashe and her rise in the music industy while we count up on the block. We simply don’t have time for those wannabe smooth talkin Jay cats in East Palo Alto, but they seem to flock to the weed crumbs like pigeons to Mcdonalds fries. […]

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  • RIP Dave Mirra

    RIP Dave Mirra

    We are happy to announce that freddy flowpez will be granting us at blastofff.tv an exclusive interview today, but for now we want to pay respects to a real bad ass in the BMX community. His family has left a message for all of us: “Dave’s wife and family are shocked and saddened by the loss of such a remarkable person whom they loved so deeply,” his longtime family friend and agent Steve Astephen said in a statement to a local […]

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  • The Blastofff.tv appearance: Kate Laubscher

    The Blastofff.tv appearance: Kate Laubscher

    We know that you are waiting for how turnt up moka blast and the Fly guy comittee got for the show that is now going on each monday. We also have an interview going on with Freddy Flowpez that will be published soon right here on blastofff.tv Need more info? It’s all right here:   And now we got that Kate Laubscher for you, with her recent appearance on ‘Jeopardy.’ According to the ‘Palo Alto Almanac’: Kate Laubscer of Woodside, […]

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  • Lady Gaga is slated to sing the national anthem for Super Bowl

    Lady Gaga is slated to sing the national anthem for Super Bowl

    Yes, Lady Gaga fans you heard that right. We have the exact story for you from CBS sports: SAN FRANCISCO — The lack of a named performer for the national anthem at Super Bowl 50 was flying under the radar until Tuesday afternoon, when the NFL announced Lady Gaga would be belting out The Star-Spangled Banner before the league’s golden anniversary game. Additionally, Academy Award winner Marlee Matlin will perform the anthem in sign language for the hearing impaired. Super Bowl […]

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  • Black history humor with Joseph Thompson

    Black history humor with Joseph Thompson

    We have a lot of love in our hearts for the Thompson family. it goes back to when little go fetti and his grandma (the good grandma, not the evil scorpio Ruth) lola thompson used to get picked up by a man who always had the word of god in his heart- brother Huey Thompson: And now we got Huey’s son, Joesph Thompson with some funny black history shit to say Bout to go spread some black history today. First […]

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  • Blastofff.tv heat: Hyphalini part 2

    Blastofff.tv heat: Hyphalini part 2

    You know we at blastofff.tv had to get to the hospital real quick to check on mom the general, but now that that is handled, we are back to getting into the money pit and circling things to do off our to- do list. We will be going to school this month (and the next 16 weeks) for excel and quick books at Jobtrain, so get ready to learn some awesome things with ackronym inc and the fly guy committee. […]

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