• El Jefe:back at it with a new video

    El Jefe:back at it with a new video

    We know you guys have been wondering what’s going on with one of the busiest men in the bay, El Jefe. Lately he has been busy shooting music videos and released one with Ice City Dev and Stevie Joe this time. The song is called ‘bangin fo da lane‘ and it’s rocking with real street hustlers getting it out the mud like it’s supposed to go: Want El Jefe Fats and the gang in your city? You gotta contact Ackronym […]

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  • Ladies Love Moka: AERO Space Cypher

    Ladies Love Moka: AERO Space Cypher

    So who’s got the props? The Fly Guy Committee media Group obviously! With Moka Blast, Shuaib Tru, Hippie, Chuk Burnz, and Moka Blast taking over the airwaves soon, we want you to subscribe to the Moka Blast channel and join in the fun because Moka is all for the fans!   So just who is the Fly Guy Committee? We also got Jack Williams on the line so get ready! According to the About us:   Fly Guy Committee Media […]

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  • Blastofff focus: Fashion designer Stevie Boi

    Blastofff focus: Fashion designer Stevie Boi

    We at Blastofff have been keeping one treasure up our sleeve until all the details have been released, but now we got that exclusive news that Stevie Boi has allowed to come up for air. So just who is this mastermind? Let’s just say he knows lots of celebs in Hollywood: Major thank’s to all the 300+ Models that submitted to Our Casting Call for my ‪#‎NYFW‬ Show! My team will be in contact with everyone next week. -Stevie Boi […]

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  • New Blastofff.tv heat: Fly Guy Committee Cypher

    New Blastofff.tv heat: Fly Guy Committee Cypher

    We know you guys have been waiting on what the fly guy committee (Moka Blast, Shuaib Tru, and Chuk Burnz) have been cooking up. Just know it’s ready and out on itunes right now! get it at the link here and enjoy as we take you back into what these epic individuals have been doing to dominate independent hip hop music. It is what it is, you got to understand that for sure. Now that we know for sure in 5 […]

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  • Blastofff.tv swag sauce: Gucci Mane Mouth full of golds

    Blastofff.tv swag sauce: Gucci Mane Mouth full of golds

    It;s on sometimes when you are in the spot rocking new swag and people wanna test the patience of a patient hustler from Palo Alto. I think our hero Moka Blast would agree some things are not worth getting all tied up about though. We at blastofff.tv had a question: do you sport a grill like Gucci Mane or nah? Not only do we got that Gucci Mane/Jack Williams heat, but we got that ‘chow’ for you! CHOW THE PEN […]

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  • Hip Hop corner: Hyphalini

    Hip Hop corner: Hyphalini

    We always knew that ape city had some great hip hop music (along with a show this month with Krayzie Bone) but let’s focus on anotehr great emcee right down the roadon today’s blastofff.tv post. I had the chance to hang with Hyphalini a couple of times, and i can say he’s got some trap music that will remind you of Keak da Sneek and trap rap like that. He has a lot of gems you can peep below: Hyphalini […]

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  • Hip Hop corner: Brother Ali

    Hip Hop corner: Brother Ali

    First off, Moka Blast is easily my favorite emcee, but I remember attending one hip hop show with my high school buddy Sam and seeing Brother Ali perform with MF Doom. That was the show to change my life. So much intensity from that show left me with one goal when I got to college- pursue music. I guess i was able to do that very well thanks to Dysmanic and our latest EP, the “internet lottery”. But, it’s a […]

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  • New Blastofff heat: Emaximus: “OT”

    New Blastofff heat: Emaximus: “OT”

    I remember the first time meeting Emaximus: it was a craigslist ad asking for help with a music video. We had the BBQ and the car club out in full effect, and I ended up meeting a focused, determined friend who shared the ambition to get this money in music like no other. Now with Erik “Emaximus” Johnson putting his new single out, we know who the next “power loop sensei” will evenutally be! We hope you enjoyed the song. And […]

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  • Go Fetti stays putting power-loop.com into potency.

    Go Fetti and Dysmanic Present: Paul Walker

    In case you guys are living at home and not knowing what to do about all the meaningless drama in hip hop, we got the right solution for you. With Crowd loopers, you have a chance to make money from home just like anyone else out there in Hollywood or beyond. The real issue with jobs today is that you have to wake up hella early just to get a piece of the pie. With Go Fetti’s song Paul Walker, […]

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  • Phone Tap with @Moka Blast

    Moka Blast, originally born in Trinidad but bred in Queens, New York, is an emcee often compared to LL Cool J and 50 Cent due to his handsome hustler mentality. Always favorable with the ladies, Moka Blast is a versatile artist who not only writes for women but also drops gritty street bangers for even the most gangster Hip Hop head. Moka’s career was forever changed after earning the respect and trust of legendary party rocker CL Smooth. Smooth took […]

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  • Montana Millz ft Gunplay (Let It Go) Official Video


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  • Vito – Ice Cream (Freestyle)

    Vito presents a freestyle video for “Ice Cream” directed by Kwaz “Scriptz” Fraser. Download “The Yellow Tape” @ Theyellowtape.net

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Recent Videos

  • Gladys Knight son is in big trouble

    Gladys Knight son is in big trouble

    We know you guys might have seen this on the news but according to the san mateo daily journal: Georgia Department of Revenue officials say the son of singer Gladys Knight is accused of stealing tax money from several metro Atlanta chicken and waffles restaurants  for his personal use. Department officials said in a statement that agents executed warrants at the restaurant and headquarters Tuesday and tried unsuccessfully to arrest Shanga Hankerson. Authorities say Hankerson is accused of stealing more […]

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  • 50 cent and Dr. Dre getting sued

    50 cent and Dr. Dre getting sued

    We want you guys to try and guess how live the new tour Moka Blast will be doing in Germany and beyond for now, but I notice a similarity between 50 cent and blast the beautiful- they both love to evolve into the promotion of boxing.   In this article we will focus on why 50 cent and Dr. Dre are getting sued over their song “P.I.M.P” Check it out here at pigeons and planes: 50 Cent’s “P.I.M.P.” was one of […]

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  • Corey Kushington interviews with Purple Times

    Corey Kushington interviews with Purple Times

    When you got a couple of empires that link up, that’s when you know that dysmanic (the other hood hippie) will be soon to step up to the plate and surprise the masses with Cyberpunk or whatever he is into; as for Corey Kushington of MMK publishing, he will be smoking a pound of that good green while the homie Eric is plotting on that cute girl with the phat pockets. Check out this cool interview that Purple Times did […]

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  • Milton Howery slugs man after crash

    Milton Howery slugs man after crash

    We got it right here when you need a funny story that can also make you cry: well this one with Milton Howery of “the carmichael show” fame will have you scratching your head. It’s all here because when you are in the bay area and stuck in traffic most of the time, you know it can be awkward seeing a racist lady from Ohio sleep all day with mama time Jolly Coleman watching court TV. Life on this Earth can […]

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  • The Tigg presents: ‘Whippin’

    The Tigg presents: ‘Whippin’

    You know we got that good ol East palo alto rap for you, so peep this new heat from The Tigg. Straight outta East palo alto is where we stake our claim, but we also got that celeb news from palo alto daily for you as well. Peep this crazy story about keyboardist Brian Wilson: A former keyboardist for Brian Wilson’s band has been sentenced to five years in prison after a jury convicted him of sexually assaulting a 21-year-old […]

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  • PM Dawn Singer Attrell Cordes Dead at 46

    PM Dawn Singer Attrell Cordes Dead at 46

    We are so sad to share the news that you probably heard by now, that PM Dawn singer Attrell Cordes is dead at 46. We just want to give a huge shoutout to the group PM Dawn, and know that we will be keeping the good content on deck while shopping around for talent in this record label and click fame we call ackronym inc. According to CNN: Singer Attrell Cordes of the music duo P.M. Dawn has died, the […]

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  • Blake Blanchard is having a hot summer!

    Blake Blanchard is having a hot summer!

    FLR is still killin the game and running the paper route in that Maybach, so you know we had to keep it lit with some new music from the camp; this song is from It’s shadow with ‘wet wet’. In this article, you will get to understand fresh from palo alto daily what happened to Lil Wayne as he was lately hospitalized: Lil Wayne was seen drinking bottles of Promethazine/Codeine syrup at a Milwaukee club hours before he suffered seizures […]

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  • Blast Radiius is out now!

    Blast Radiius is out now!

    It’s the middle of the summer and you can bet Blast Radiius is what everry fly girl who knows Moka Blast will be bumping in their whip. You sure as hell need to pick it up today because Moka Blast is really turnt up in the studio or backyard where you could find him lifting 800 pound tires. We aren’t trippin off the small stuff because basically all the lame ass cops in this small town wish they were flexing […]

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  • Moka Blast chats with Music Times

    Moka Blast chats with Music Times

    We aer so happy that people knew that Moka Blast would have the vision of a psychic when he picks who to work with.  It should also be known that in these days and age, you got gangstas who are also 72 years old and stay strapped with that Golf club. You don’t wanna mess with Momma Time Jolly Coleman because that virgo and Go Fetti that scorpio are one lethal dose of whup-ass. Anyway, We want to congratulate Dave […]

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  • The Blastoffff tv focus: Simeon Hardy

    The Blastoffff tv focus: Simeon Hardy

    We at blastofff want to wish Lil Wayne a quick recovery from his latest seizures he’s been having, and a big shout out to Simeon Hardy who is under the tutelage of Moka Blast right now in the realm of boxing. Soon, Go Fetti Sauce Game will have that special sauce power server room to host live fights and make big money on AWS like in that show ‘Silicon Valley’. We know you guys are fascinated by the brain of […]

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